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Knowledgeable Corporate Tax Lawyers in Waterloo

Proactive tax planning and strategic corporate structuring are key elements to the long-term success of a venture. In contrast, improper tax planning can be a significant source of legal and financial liability.

At Duncan, Linton LLP we have acted for businesses at various stages of development and growth. We assist start-ups, successful multi-generational family enterprises, large private corporations with national and international reach, and everything in between. We work with our clients to inform them of their options, make informed choices, and create a corporate tax plan that will decrease their corporate tax burden, while ensuring full compliance with their obligations.

Let the exceptional lawyers in our Tax Law Group manage your corporate tax matters so that you can focus on the growth of your business.

Our Corporate Tax Planning Services

At Duncan, Linton LLP we assist clients with various tax planning matters that may arise during the lifetime of their business, including:

  • 51 Share exchanges;
  • 55 Butterfly transactions;
  • 85 Rollovers;
  • 86 Share re-organizations;
  • 87 Amalgamations;
  • 88 Winding Up;
  • 110.6 Capital Gains Exemptions;
  • 125 Small Business corporation taxes.

We can also advise on the tax implications of other related matters that may arise during the lifespan of your venture, including purchase and sale of a business, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, and layoffs and terminations.

We rely on our deep foundation of interdisciplinary knowledge to provide our clients with thorough legal advice, taking into account all possible tax implications of major business decisions. Our Tax Law Group works closely with our Business Law Group, Real Estate Group and Wills and Estates Group. Our integrative approach allows us to harness the diverse knowledge of lawyers from across the firm, and allows us to anticipate and react to issues from a more fulsome perspective.

For Advice and Guidance with Corporate Tax Matters contact Duncan, Linton LLP

Contact the Waterloo tax lawyers at Duncan, Linton LLP for exceptional guidance and legal representation in corporate tax matters. We are the oldest independent law firm based in Waterloo Region and one of the oldest law firms in all of Ontario and have many years of experience advising clients on proactive corporate tax planning and structuring. The size of our practice allows us to invest significant time in meeting with each of our corporate clients, and truly getting to understand the nuances of their business, their objectives and their ultimate goals. This allows us to craft a personalized and adaptive approach to each matter. Call us at (519) 886-3340 or contact us online to speak to a member of our Tax Law Group.