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GST and HST apply to all commercial transactions. These commodity taxes are governed by an entirely separate set of laws, rules, and regulations distinct from those that govern personal and corporate income tax. Navigating the ins and outs of this specialized area requires thorough and pragmatic advice from a knowledgeable professional.

At Duncan, Linton LLP our lawyers draw on more than a century of experience to provide effective and through commodity tax guidance to clients. Our Tax Law Group works closely with our Business Law Group and Real Estate Group to provide multidisciplinary and comprehensive advice, ensuring that clients meet all of their tax obligations while managing and mitigating any potential risks or losses.

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GST/HST Disputes and Litigation

It is critical to know that where a Notice of Objection is filed with respect to an income tax matter under the Income Tax Act (i.e. personal and corporate income tax matters), collection on any assessments issued while the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) investigates the objection will be held in abeyance, and interest on the amounts will not accrue while the Objection is being investigated.

This is not the case with HST/GST disputes, which are governed by the Excise Tax Act. When there is a dispute over an assessment of HST or GST, collection efforts, penalties and interest will not be paused while the dispute proceeds. This may result in a concurrent collection procedure and a significant financial liability for the taxpayer.

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