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Waterloo Tax Lawyers Assisting Clients with Personal Tax Planning

There are a number of beneficial tools and structures that taxpayers can take advantage of when planning their taxes including leveraged insurance products, RRSP’s, RRIF’s, small business exemptions, TFSA’s, and similar. Tax legislation is constantly changing, and optimal tax planning is best undertaken with careful guidance from a knowledgeable professional.

At Duncan, Linton LLP in Waterloo, our goal is to create an optimal tax strategy for each of our clients, taking into consideration their personal financial circumstances and overall goals. Working with external accountants and the lawyers across our other practice areas we will craft a personalized tax plan that will take advantage of all possible opportunities to reduce your tax obligations and minimize any potential future liability. Once your plan is structured we will ensure that it is revisited as your needs change, your goals evolve, or your family grows.

Our tax lawyers are dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and helping them navigate their most challenging legal and tax planning issues. We are the oldest independent law firm in Waterloo Region and one of the oldest law firms in all of Ontario and have served our community for more than 150 years.

Our Tax Planning Services

The tax lawyers at Duncan, Linton LLP can assist with proactive tax planning as well as:

The size of our practice allows us to invest significant time in meeting with each of our clients, and truly getting to understand their objectives and their ultimate goals. This allows us to craft a personalized and adaptive approach to each matter.

Our Tax Law Group works closely with our Business Law Group, Real Estate Group and Wills and Estates Group to provide multidisciplinary advice and allow us to craft a personal tax plan that will take all relevant aspects of a client’s circumstances into consideration.

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Contact the Waterloo tax lawyers at Duncan, Linton LLP for exceptional guidance on tax planning and wealth preservation strategies. We help entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and others to plan for the future and ensure their finances are protected. Call us at (519) 886-3340 or contact us online to speak to a member of our Tax Group.