Waterloo Region Corporate Lawyers Advising Clients on Corporate Reorganizations

Regardless of the reason behind a corporate reorganization, such a change raises a number of business and tax issues and require guidance from lawyers with significant knowledge of such matters.

With more than 160 years of experience providing legal services in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding regions, the corporate lawyers at Duncan, Linton LLP have significant experience with corporate reorganization matters, including restructuring following a bankruptcy or insolvency. As your business and your needs change and grow, we will be there for you.

Our Corporate Reorganization Services

At Duncan, Linton LLP we provide a wide range of legal services and guidance on corporate reorganization, including:

  • Reorganizations for tax purposes;
  • Long-term succession planning and structuring of family businesses;
  • Expanding ownership;
  • Divisive reorganizations; and
  • Separating a business in a family law dispute.

Our Business Law Group works closely with our Real Estate Group and Wills & Estates Group to provide thorough and multidisciplinary legal guidance on corporate reorganizations.

Waterloo Region Lawyers Advising Clients on Corporate Restructuring

The trusted and strategic corporate lawyers at Duncan, Linton LLP have been assisting clients with corporate restructuring matters for decades. We are the oldest independent law firm based in Waterloo Region and is one of the oldest law firms in all of Ontario.  We provide creative and proactive advice keeping the best interests and continued success of your business in mind at all times. Call us at (519) 886-3340 or contact us online for a consultation